Marketing/Operations AI & Automation

Below you will find a sample list of services provided by ModernDay. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Modern SEO

Google's new algorithm demands fast loading pages, mobile usability, topical authority and other factors that only cutting-edge SEO specialists can offer.

Facebook AI

Not only can we help your business leverage the thousands of datapoints Facebook has on all its users, we can scale it with AI through custom look-a-like audiences & beyond.

AI Chat Bots

Integrate all of your FAQs and datapoints with today's most advanced chatbots. Infuse automation & assistance with 24/7 personality.

AI Assistants

Is 80% of your customer service or sales teams' time spent answering the same questions with the same information? Let AI take care of that, so your teams can grow!

Alexa Skills

Could your company benefit from offering voice-enabled services to target or current customers? IE: Could it save your representatives time if your FAQ section was available via Alexa?

Google Scripts

Like Microsoft Excel has macros, Google has scripts which give companies the powers to do anything they can imagine within the Google services ecosystem.

Siri Search

A third of your target customers are most likely using an iPhone or iPad to find the goods and services they need, right now. Will they find your business?

Reporting & APIs

Stop waiting for month-end reports. Access your data and the reports that matter in real-time. Make executive decisions based on all of your data at any given time.

YouTube Search

Did you know that the second largest search engine behind Google is YouTube? Get with the program, start marketing through your next best source of traffic.

Make Cutting-edge YOUR Advantage

If you're not fed up with ordinary SEO services, basic link building, same ole messenger bots, and other low-ROI marketing services, then you've come to the right place.

Modern Day is dedicated to providing the most cutting-edge digital marketing services on earth.

From AI marketing & project assistants to Google scripts & look-a-like audience, we can set your company up for success.

If we can cut operations costs by __x, how much more time & money will you have to develop additional strategies for GROWTH.

To put it bluntly, hiring Modern Day consulting is win/win.


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